These hooks from the “Feeling” product line, are availabe in more than 30 referents which combine different types and different hook sizes with different monofilament line diameters.

Up until the appearance of the “Feeling” product line, it was difficult to accept these hooks already installed onto the leaders and ready to use. Some fishing conditions instigated the use of the indirect rig, without a leader, such as the difficult fishing for small fish. However, in most cases to appeal to a leader meant to connect the body of the rig of larger diameters, which is made with stiff enough monofilament in order to avoid entaglement, with a thinner and more elastic leader.

In any case, we do not advise you use the monofilament by different manufacturers because some have enourmous diameters. The quality of the material used for making these leaders, juat as the combination of different hooks (in shape and size) enable control of almost any situation, all fish and use of all types of baits.
Installed hooks “Feeling” made by Sensas are available at every fishing tackle shop.

Eight identical leaders have a hook on one end, and on the other hook eye for quicker connection with the rig's body.


Régis pour Régis contre

- Perfect quality of the knots.
- Leaders, all the same length.
- Great quality of the extra elastic monofilament.

- Too unfortunate that there are no longer leaders for fishing with the reel*.

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Remonter   * fishing with a reel: fishing in an English way, bologna fishing, feeder fishing, quiver-tip fishing and all other fishing techniques for coarse fish in which we use the reel; generally serves for large specimen coarse fishing, at great distances from the shore.  

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