These ultra-sensitive floats for match technique have been designed for special conditions, but can be used almost anywhere and at any time!

The Trevor Model is a flat English float, with a 2-10 g carrying capacity*. If you add 1 g onto the rig, it is ideal for shallow fishing locations in large and small lakes, with a maximum of 4 meters depth.
If you need to fish with a sliding float*, in deep zones, use the Andrew model, a float with a body. It is available in different weights, from 4+1 g to 12 + 1 grams.

For fishing in medium depth rivers, when you need to fish free off the bottom, we suggest you take the lead rings off the Andrew model, which enables you to add approximately 0,5 g on the rig.
However, if you need to fish in very deep spots or when your bait has to move along the bottom, it is quite possible to adapt the Trevor model base to the Andrew model. It is a few grams lighter, which will find its spot on the rig.
These floats of the Sensas brand can be found in any fishing tackle shop.

Both models allow you to easily exchange a very long carbon antenna which ends with a brigh red or yellow tip, in order to adjust the float if needed to the light level of the moment.


Régis pour Régis contre

- Very stable on the waves.
- Replacable antennas.
- Completely complimentary models.

- Fragility of the antenna attachment.

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Remonter   * float carrying capacity: expressed in grams or tenths of grams; equals the buoncy and the lead mass which needs to be installed onto the rig in order to sink the float.
* sliding float: is used in fishing in match technique every time the depth of fishing is greater than the rod length.

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