This new Mepps lure combines the strength of a spinner and streamer and perfectly imitates the minnow, in appearance and behaviour during the swimming action!

New lure Aglia TW Streamer will doubtlessly be a great success with all trout lovers! Strong vibrations made by the spinner, improved by the perfect visual look of streamer, provoke more attackes than any of these simulators each.
Thanks to its soft axes, this lure has a very flexible body, which is especially interesting at sudden fishing action direction changes.

Unhooking of the fish is rare because it is armed with two hooks, one point hook on the head of streamer and three point hook on its tail. But if you wish, you can unhook the streamer with one move and only fish with a fly, or add three point hook to the spinner.

The plate quality is indisputable. It is superb. Mepss is not by chance the first spinner producer in the world. With streamer, Mepps can compete with the greatest streamer producers. Eyes, gills, body or stomach colour nuances… maximum attention is paid to every detail, to ensure perfect imitation of the minnow. Even the flanks* are there, thanks to the shiny synthetical threads on both sides of the body.

Aglia TW Streamer comes in sizes 1 (3,6 g), 2 (4,7 g) and 3 (6,8 g) and two colours: silver pallet with red-and black streamer and golden pallet with the red and green streamer.


Régis pour Régis contre

- Three star point hook is installed on a very flexible metal braided line.
-Fine streamer oscillations and strong spinner impulses are mutually complementing.

-There are no large sizes, 4 or 5, for larger trout.

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Remonter   * flank line: a part of the sensitive fish body part, in the shape of a line stretching across the entire body length, which enables fish to locate everything around them and to feel the slightest oscillation, even at a great distance.  

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