Spring coarse fishing is one of the most difficult techniques because, in order to keep the fish in the chosen location, one has to perfectly know one's groundbaiting technique. However, precisely because of all these difficulties, it is also a great learning opportunity, because you learn more during the course of one difficult day than you would in the course of ten easy fishing days!

Places exposed to the sun and protected from cold winds suit the coarse angler and the white fish too!

Fish do not live by the calendar in the submarine world! They can feel the season turns due to natural changes, such as water temperature increases or prolonged daylight. Among all the white fish the roach and dace are first to wake from Winter's sleep, followed by the bream, carp, tench and all the others. However, although there is a steady increase in their daily activity, they still have slow digestion, and food searches are limited to the space around their habitat.

It is still too early to choose a good fishing location in river waters. Because of snowmelt, frequent spring rains and the increase of water levels, the water temperature is still too low. On the other hand, in ponds, gravel floor waters, river sleeves and all other calm waters, the water is getting increasingly warmer. The most interesting location can be found in shallow water, beaches, bays and everywhere where the first water plants grow and the first insects appear.



Choosing the right technique

In all of these shallow places, the favourable fishing depth is 1,5 m to 2 m, and in most cases found at approximately 10 m away from the bank. Under these conditions, the most suitable technique involves using a longer direct rod and, yet better, a 9 m, 9,50 m or 10 m long pole, which enables you to not only reach the desired distance, but also to fish with great precision, thanks to the usage of a short 3 meter long line. If however you do not own a pole, or the place at 10 m away from the bank is too shallow, then most suitable is the match technique.

Concerning the line (rig), in both cases it is designed in such a way as to allow it to move between the two waters, but also during landing. We can't forget that the more lead that is grouped near the hook, the faster the rig sinks to the desired depth. On the contrary, the more you separate them and divide between the hook and the float, the rig will descend slower and lighter.


Rig for a long rod: 0,88 mm long monofilament line, 0,40 g heavy float with a short metal antenna and a stabilizer, n°20 hook, 15 cm above the hook the bite indicator, 15 cm above an assisting lead group, 15 cm above the main lead group.

Ground Bait

The necessary daily quantity of ground bait is one or two kilograms. If you choose already fixed mixtures, the mix of 1 kg of ground bait for roach “Gardon” and 1 kg of ground bait for surface fishing (bleak fishing) “Surface”, gives excellent results.

If you make your own ground bait, make sure that it has a brownish colour, that it's made of fine, small particles and contains poor products so that you don't overfeed the fish. It is desirable to, after soaking, to sift the ground bait so as to eliminate all the lumps and to achieve uniform consistency.

- 3 doses of fine breadcrums (only from the bread crust)
- 2 doses of corn flower
-2 doses of fried wheat flower (“gazelle grillee”)
-2 doses of coconut flower (“coprah”)
-4 bags of vannila sugar,7,5 g each


Rig for match technique: 0,12 mm monofilament line, straight 2 g waggler set up between 3 leads BB, 30 cm to 0,10 mm long leader hook n°20, 7,5 cm above the hook the bite indicator, 7,5 cm above lead n°4, 15 cm above lead n°1, 10 cm above lead BB.

Groundbaiting Strategy

If ground bait is rich with small blood worms, the most efficient groundbaiting technique consists of throwing 4 balls the size of a mandarine at the beginning of fishing and then waiting for the fish to arrive. Only after the first catches, can you start additional feeding*: one smaller ball (which has to be water soluble) every ten minutes!
If you use a pinkie, the technique is the same, the only difference being in the additional feeding with clean lures, with the help of a sling, ten pinkies at each casting.

In any case, the most important thing is to make the right decision at the right moment. It is sometimes necessary to wait up to an hour, before the first bites appear. It is true that it is not easy to remain calm in such a situation and resist the desire to groundbait again! If nothing happens, the fish simply have not yet found the ground bait!

However, even when they at last manifest themselves, you should not rejoice too soon. It often happens that they suddenly stop biting because, out of more or less known reasons to us, they migrate from one water level to another, scatter around, and then reappear.

The rhythm of groundbaiting has to be continuously adjusted to their activity: the larger the fish number and the better the bites, the more frequent is your groundbaiting. On the other hand, the less frequent the bites, the less frequent the groundbaiting, and in the case of no bites, you stop the groundbaiting entirely.


Blood worms* are without a doubt the best ground bait, especially if you also add a couple of handfulls of small blood worms to the ground bait. Since small blood worms are not always easy to find, they can easily be substituted by pinkies*, which can also serve as baits in place of the regular blood worms.



Remonter   * additional feeding: the groundbaiting strategy at which ground bait (small balls the size of a larger nut) throw in consistent rhythm during the entire fishing session.
* blood worm: larvae of two-winged insects, Chironimidae family (mosquitos), bright red colour, size up to 2 cm, lives in clear waters; is used as a bait for all course fishing.
* pinkie: very active small meat worm, used as ground bait and as an additon to ground bait, can be substituted for the small blood worm.

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