For pike, spring is one of the greatest seasons: there is plenty of food, and the water temperature suits them perfectly!

The water and weather conditions during springtime guarantee great catches, because the pike feed frequently and abundantly. Pike are especially interested in everything that's going on in the upper water levels and on the surface, their ability to keep an eye on the surface waters above them is due to the position of their eyes which are set on top of the head.
The Pike's immovable, horizontal position often just indicates the digestive phase, and it seems that nothing can attract their attention then. However, as soon as they straighten their body, head pointed toward the surface, they let everyone know that it's feeding time and they are ready to attack.


Pike is a protected species, for the purpose of preserving pike species in the second category* waters.

Good fishing locations

Pike are solitary fish and fierce guardians of their territory. They are hunters, known for ambushing their prey, and they especially prefer jammed locations, confined spots, where they can camouflage well and remain unnoticed. Sunken trees and branches, grassess, lotus turfs, and hollow steep banks:…all make great locations for the pike. One should also search the river whirlpools and all spots where the river current is getting weaker.


One of the most efficient pike fishing techniques is spinning. It is just necessary to adjust the spinner plate shape to the waters in which you wish to fish. Spinners with a round plate match calm water conditions perfectly, while the extended ones are completely at home in current waters.



Remonter   * first and second category: waters rich with white fish and where trout is not dominant belong to the second category. First category waters are waters where trout dominate.  

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