Distance between the lead: at 20 cm above the hook n10 bite indicator, at 20 cm above the leader connection small n1 lead and at 20 cm above a lead.

This system is ideal for fishing in small lakes, canals or dead ponds, in the areas where the bottom is covered in different obstacles and mud.

The system body consists of 0,10 mm thick monofilament. Thanks to the float shaped as a water drop, 0,5 to 1 g carrying capacity and maximal lead, it is easy to spot classical bites, but also those with lifting* responses. The largest part of the lead system is made of lead, which enables the system to reach a desired depth quickly. The rest consists of only one small n1 lead and the n10 bite indicator which secures perfect relocation of the bait at great releases. Leader 30 cm long and 0,08 mm in diameter, features a n18 hook.

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In order to keep bream in one location for hours, you need to perform rich groundbaiting at the beginning of fishing, and then systematically continue feeding when they start arriving. Beware, because the rhythm of additional feeding has to be performed at equal time intervals, because if you pick up the speed, bream leave the water floor and come up to the water surface.



Remonter   * bite on lifting: when the fish bites the bait, the float does not sink but is slightly lifted.  

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