Cobra serves for groundbaiting at large distances, and grouping of boilies on a small surface with extreme precision.

Cobra or a tube for casting boilies*, is necessary whenever the zone in which we are groundbaiting is at a distance larger than 30 m. There are numerous models which are differentiated by length and tube diameter. The choice depends on the desired distance for fishing and the size of the used baits. It is ideal to have two cobras, one for smaller boilies whose diameter does not exceed 20 mm, and another for larger boilies up to 30 mm diameter.


Be careful…the medium speed of boilies exit from the cobra is close to a hundred km per hour.

How to use the cobra

Stand up straight, opposite from the groundbaiting zone and always in the same location. Have the necessary amount of boilies in one hand, which you will disperse in the location. Hold the cobra handle, throwin a boilie, and then straighten the tube in a vertical position. It is just necessary to firmly hit it with your wrist, with a light hand movement, and the bait is cast. The tube length and curve at its end determine the path of the curve and the boilies' flying speed.


It is very difficult to achieve precision with groundbaiting with cobra, especially if you are casting only five or six boilies. However, if you realise richer groundbaiting in more series, even if the first boilies do not reach the desired zone, you will quickly be able to fix the movement and achieve precision in casting.



Remonter   * boilies: firm paste in the shape of a ball, rich with protein, cooked in water, and meant for carp fishing.  

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