How to put peas on the bait: n°8 hook and 0,12 mm hair. Boilie on the hook: n°4 hook and 0,12 mm hair, and a fusible string.


It is necessary to know the carp well, their behaviour and feeding habits, their favorite locations and the direction and rhythm of their movements, depending on the season… Otherwise your fishing can be long and tedious! Perfect tackle and a rig which is very adaptable to any fishing location are, without a doubt, of great importance, because they are the only connection between the angler and the fish! However, all those good resolutions are useless if carp refuses or, worse, does not find, the offered bait!

When choosing the bait, it is therefore necessary to think about whether other fish types inhabit the river. If the place you have chosen has crabs, american catfish, bream and other coarse fish, you do not have much choice. They can only get discouraged by boilies. And not any boilies for that matter! They have to be of rather large diameter, 0,22 to 0,24 mm and very hard. Leave them exposed to the air a few days, let them dry off well.
If the location is free of all these parasites, choose cooked cereals! Although everyone always thinks of corn, it is sometimes not a bad idea to leave the common path and use peas for example, not those sold as human food produce, but those sold as animal food produce.


In principle, carp have more feeding grounds which they regularly visit every the day. You need to stop them at some passage or wait for them at some of their regular feeding grounds.


When carp are active, it is not difficult to spot them with careful observation. They give themselves away firstly by their frequent jumps out of the water, especially in the early morning hours and late evening. They have a peculiar and not very discreet way of feeding. Namely, when searching for food, they simultaneously use tail fin and mouth. Waving with the fin, they raise the mud off the water floor (up to 20 cm depth), and with mouths they suck and, thanks to their moustache, pick edible from inedible particles, insects, larvae, shells, shrimp. All the while, bubbles appear on the surface, which are a consequence of the méthane plin.


Choose fruity scents like strawberry, orange, or tutti-frutti, which are excellent in Summertime, while meat ones such as fish or shrimp are more useable during Winter.


These are boilies which will serve as baits. Soak them in a complex*, or even better, pure oil extract, for a few days. Depending on the boilie amount, you can use a larger jar or film tape box.
Regarding the scent choice, fruity ones are the most effective in Summertime, while in Winter you will achieve more success with meat scents.

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Remonter   * complex oil: herbal oil added to extract oil.  

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