You can use either paste intended for small balls, or fixed Shallows type balls.


This kind of paste is made primarily for rainbow trout. Swimming or sinking, with or without leaves, most of them are brightly coloured, red, green, or yellow… which provokes trout's curiosity and aggresiveness. Red paste with shiny leaves gives best results.
How to use the paste: take a small ball of paste straight out of the can. Shape it with your fingers after you have previously put the hook in the middle. Only the hook eye or fin, depending on the hook type, and the point, can stick out of the fixed bait.


Fishing upstream is easier for discovering fishing locations, and also the swimming action of the fish is more natural because the water current alone carries it.


The best way to approach fast small or medium rivers, in well marked locations, is by fishing upstream*. Chances that the trout will notice you are siginificantly decreased, because their head is turned opposite the river current: they can't see what is going on behind them. In larger rivers, you can fish both ways, upstream and downstream*.


Two-coloured bite indicators of Rigoletto type are set up onto the rig in such a way that the red, more discreet pair, points toward the trout, and the yellow, more visible, toward the angler.


In order that we properly follow the rig movement and stop the bites, when fishing with natural live bait*, anglers employ different indicators. This can be a mini-indicator known as Rigoletto, but also the regular woolen fibre which is attached to the rig with a knot, or a small ball of flexible mixture similar to the paste, of vibrant colours specially made for that purpose. In any case, the indicator is attached onto the line coming out of the roll above the leader. If you use a fluorescent line on the rig body, the bite indicator is not necessary.

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Remonter   * upstream: fishing upstream, opposite from the river current.
* downstream: below the position of the angler, in the direction of the river current.
* fishing with natural live baits: perfected trout fishing technique, consists of manipulating natural live bait in such a way so that the river current carries it, the angler holding the line feels the attack as a small pull between the fingers.

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