The most beautiful predator fish are most frequently hidden in the most inaccessible places>>>>

It would be ideal to spend some time observing the water before you start fishing>>>>

In calm waters, even the smallest vibration is enough to warn the fish of your presence>>>>

The opposing side syndrom, fishing line, casting, lures and other tips and tricks>>>>

Canals rarely attract the anglers because of their regular and monotonous look>>>>

The water and weather conditions during springtime guarantee great pike catches>>>>


PRE-SET FEELING HOOKS BY SENSAS are availabe in more than 30 referents>>>>

SARKANDA WAGGLERS BY SENSAS can be used almost anywhere and at any time>>>>

AGLIA TW STREAMER BY MEPPS combines the strength of a spinner and streamer>>>>

Anglers need to maximally limit the negative influences of our sport on our environment>>>>

Animal rights activists request that fishing with live bait and the use of hooks with barbs be outlawed>>>>

BROWN TROUT choose big enough locations where they can find shelter and food>>>>

CARP endlessly search mud on the bottom, up to 20 cm deep>>>>

ROACH feel comfortable wherever they can find deep enough zones>>>>

French lakes and rivers represent a real paradise for trophy pike and carp fishing>>>>

There are more and more anglers who use fly fishing technique for walleye>>>>

Discover some of the most beautiful European rivers, lakes, canals and ponds>>>>

Cross with us through the water’s mirror and discover the very animated life of chub>>>>

Enter the secret life of the walleye and discover their existential concerns>>>>

During hot summer days, the simultaneous use of corn, wheat, and hemp seeds gives excellent results in coarse fishing. The main attraction of this technique is that you can switch in only a few seconds from one bait seed to another seed. After you catch a roach on the hemp, expect larger catches on wheat or corn such as chub, bream, barbel, or carp>>>>


FLY FISHING: For trout with a team of 3 wet flies in medium and big river.
PREDATOR FISHING: For walleye with live bait or lures in the deepest hools, in the river.
SALMONIDAE FISHING: For big trout with lures, near river banks and current breaks.
CARP FISHING: With floating boilies, in a pond, groundbaiting with a cobra.
COARSE FISHING: For roach with match technique, in calm water, canal or pond.

Groundbaiting means to set the table in some passage location where the fish daily move in search of food>>>>

Discover bream pole rig which is ideal for fishing in small lakes, canals or dead ponds>>>>

Discover different types of groundbaiting: massive, continuous, additional>>>>

Discover bream fishing in the river sleeves using additional feeding strategy>>>>

Try Mystic, a miracle paste which gives excellent results for all coarse fish>>>>

The art of additional feeding consists in groundbaiting always with the same steady rhythm>>>>

Choosing the right bait, how to recognize a good location, boilie busters and other tips and tricks>>>>

For well educated fish, avoid the classical boilies and widely used seeds, and try hemp>>>>

The most effective method of casting in carp fishing is to cast above the head>>>>

The perception of the bite and the following counteraction depend on the rig type>>>>

All about different hair installations, various connective spots, the proper length of hair>>>>

PIKE: «…I attack mainly the patients, the casualties, the weakened ones, all those which are slower than the others…»>>>>

CARP: «… I have the same problems as the others, only my solutions to resolve them are different…»>>>

PERCH: «… We spend all of our time taking cover, hoping to escape those you call my buddies…»>>> has an answer to all your fishing questions>>>>

Exchange your ideas with other anglers>>>>

You have something to sell or you want to buy something?>>>>

Share the joy of your greatest catches with other anglers>>>>

Discover our superstore and take advantage of our special offers>>>>

You missed the trout? Don't panic! In that case, never give up, but try at least once more>>>>

In all types or rivers and in each season, small crankbaits can deceive even large trout>>>>

There is nothing better than the minnow for catching big trout>>>>

Paste for trout, fishing upstream or downstream, bite indicators and other tips and tricks>>>>

Winter is the most favourable season for catching big predator fish and particularly pike. But it is also a very good period for chub fishing which is a rare coarse fish active 365 days a year. The best chances for a catch are in the middle of the day, so take advantage of good moments! If you do not succeed in choosing the right location, keep in mind that every place which suits you, generally sunny and sheltered from the winds, suits the fish too. Wintertime is also an excellent occasion to check, clean and repair all your big and small tackle. Soon you are ready for the sunny days of bleak fishing!

The ready-to-fish set comprising: 1 rod, 1 reel filled with line, 3 wobblers, 3 spoons, 6 soft plastic lure with lead-weighted head, 20 soft plastic lures imitation launce, 3 bubble floats, 1 tackle-bag, 10 snap swivels>>>>
Price 59.99€

The ready-to-fish set comprising: 1 spinning rod 2.10m / 7-20g, 1 telescopic rod 4m / 20-40g, 2 rear drag reels filled with line size 40, 1 folding telescopic landing net, 1 tackle-bag, 1 sleeve, 1 pack of 3 disgorgers, 1 x 50 piece box with a selection of lures and accessories, 1 pack of accessories>>>>
Price 79.99€

The ready-to-fish set comprising: 4 telescopic rods, 4 reels filled with line, 1 landing net, 1 sleeve, 1 handle scale, 1 tackle-bag, 4 mini indicators, 4 bank sticks, 1 pack of accessories>>>>
Price 109.99€

The ready-to-fish set comprising: 1 fly rod, 1 fly reel, 1 landing net, 1 floating line, 1 leader, 1 connector, 4 spools of nylon, 1 fly box, 12 flies, 1 polarizing glasses>>>>
Price 129.99€

The ready-to-fish set comprising: 1 seat box, 1 telescopic rod 3m, 1 telescopic rod 4m, 1 telescopic rod 5m, 1 telescopic rod 6m, 1 landing net, 1 keepnet bank stick, 1 sleeve, 5kg of house bait, 1 pack of accessories>>>>
Price 89.99€

A ready-to-fish set comprising: 1 rod pod, 3 monkey climbers, 3 bite indicators, 3 rods, 3 reels filled with line, 1 landing net, 1 sleeve, 1 unhooking mat, 1 scale, 1 weigh sling, 2.50kg of boilies, 1 catapult, 39 accessories, 1 headlamp, 1 throwing stick, 1 basket for boilies, 1 bait rocket, 1 marker float, 1 bait scoop, 1 float for landing net, 1 set with baiting needles, 1 carry all bag>>>>
Price 259.99€

Learn how to cast and how to adjust the tackle if you're flyfishing in windy weather>>>>

When fishing is difficult, sometimes only the emerging fly can make fishing possible>>>>

Watery Pale or Baetis fuscatus already out and about in May and hatches until November>>>>

The tricolour fly is especially adapted for fishing in fast river currents>>>>

Nymph fishing is certainly the most difficult, but also the most interesting fly fishing technique>>>>

Do grayling have such great eyesight that they can differentiate between real and artificial flies?>>>>

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