The French League for animal rights requests that fishing with live bait and the use of hooks with barbs be outlawed!

The increasingly powerful French League for animal rights is accusing French anglers of using fishing techniques which cause great suffering to fish. A few months ago they publicly declared their fight against the live bait technique: “This is a cruel act against poor and helpless fish, and it has to be forbidden.”
Just recently the League came forward with another public accusation. This time it demands that the use of barbed hooks be forbidden. Why? “It causes great stress to the fish, and they often die as a result of it.”

Let us remind ourselves that in many european countries some already existing measures for animal protection have been implemented. In Luxembourg and Ireland for example, fishing with live bait has been against the law for a long time now, and in some other countries you can't use metal guarding nets because fish can easily be damaged in them. Our goal is to equilize all the laws in all the European Union member countries, it is not suprising that an increasing number of concerned anglers are wondering whether they will be able to freely go fishing tomorrow and use techniques of their own choice?!!

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