Canals are full of predator fish, but anglers usually do not fish there for a long time. It is true, one needs to be patient to work through the direction a few kilometers long!

The most important thing in canal is to have faith and resist the temptation with a stubborn attitude!

Is there anything more regular than a canal?! However, regular does not imply that there are no fishing locations. On the contrary, in this water type, more than anywhere else, the predator fish are spread out in exactly determined locations. Water vegetation on the edges is a favorite gathering place for like. Perch will be thrilled to crawl into the first hole, and the depth in the middle belongs to walleye.

In canal predator fish share different levels and the angler needs to pay attention to that when he is choosing the fishing location. You can fish for pike by limiting the search to the edge areas. Or, contrary to that, you can perform three different actions during the same casting. At the beginning, you can start the fishing close to the bottom, then you can realise jerking action, and at the end you can make swim your lure near the surface. In order to have success in the canal, it is essential to know these different canal levels.

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Walleye are terrifed of sun and great light. In canals where there is not vegetation, therefore no shadow either, walleye float up to the surface in the shadow of the vertical metal plates with which are frequently surrounded the canal banks.


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