In calm waters with many tight locations, even the smallest vibration is enough to warn the fish of your presence!

For walleye fishing, most effective is a jig on the hook with a lead head.

All predator fish inhabit locations where they can hide from curious looks: places with water vegetation, sunken branches and trees, tree roots by the water bank and rocky water bottoms. Once there, the fish hey rarely leave their shelters. They prefer stumbling upon small incautious fish, which roam into their realm. Most anglers know precisely where these shelters are located. However, few decide to meticoulously search the shelters.

Most anglers cast only a few times around the tight surrounds, and at a reasonable distance. Pricy crankbaits are out of the question, since anglers fear they might break or get lost in the obstacles. However, with jigs everything is allowed, especially if you equip them with suitable rigs. In this case, depending on the fishing location and the degree to which it is tight of course, your success is guaranteed!

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Fish are like people, they can adapt to anything! In waters near roads or in the middle of the city, the fish have learned to live with noise a long time ago. However, a few anglers are brave enough to disturb calm waters with many tight locations. Remember to be discreet in your approach! All movements have to be perfectly levelled so as to prevent anything that might alarm the fish and warn it of possible danger.


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