Do grayling have such great eyesight that they can differentiate between real and artificial flies?

Grayling need quite some time to reach the fly. It is estimated that the distance between their place on the bottom and the place where they will attack the fly on the surface, is twice as large as the depth which they inhabit.

In some cases, when they feed on certain kinds of insects, this is possible. In these cases they are very picky. It is therefore necessary to exactly determine the prey which grayling feed on in such moments.
However, it is not enough to choose the right fly in order to trick them: appearance and presentation are also very important.

The fly has to fall into a real water current, which will then take it straight to the grayling and especially a far enough distance in front of them, which gives them not only enough time to spot the fly, but also to catch it!
Casting needs to be discreet and precise. During hatching time it is advisable to set up the fly a ways upstream and follow its movements depending on the various water currents, so that it moves naturally. Otherwise the grayling will reject it!

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Sometimes grayling move and come check out the fly, without taking it. In that case it is useless to persist, the best solution is to change the fly immideately. Another solution consists to leave that grayling alone, to concetrate on some other grayling, and return to this one later.


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