This Baetidae family insect with a 24 hour life span and two tail extensions inhabits most of our rivers, and hatches until November!

Subimago phase imitation: light grey body, wings made of CDC, pale olive coloured. Adult imitation with the parachute installation: abdomen and thorax with the rabbit dubbing, rib cage of golden wires, wings made of grey cock feather and anthron.

Watery Pale or Baetis fuscatus already out and about in May. At the beginning of the season, swarmings take place in the evening, while later on, in September, October and November, subimago phase insects hatch in the early afternoon until the end of the day. The fall of the full grown insects can usually be noticed at sunset.

There are a few , which are differentiated by eye colour, as well as wing shape and colour. Generally, subimago phase insects have lighter bodies, white, off white, pale olive or olive-brownish, and are 5 to 8 mm long, with two tail extensions 7 to 14 mm long, according to its kind.
Regarding the wing colour, they vary from light to dark grey. An adult insect in most cases has a white body with orange highlights, and can be of golden or brownish colour. Their wings are always transparent.

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Artificial flies which imitate Watery Pales, are most frequently constructed on n14-18 hooks. For the body a very fine dubbing of various fur should be used. A few tufts from the cock feather will do for the tail, while the wings are imitated by a few tufts from CDC or, in case of the parachute installation, with the help of a synthetic thread tuft.


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