It is well known that a minnow is best for catching large trout, especially if it's used on a light and discreet base!

Rig parts: monofilament from the roll of 0,20 mm diameter, lock snap, soft lead, leader 0,18 mm long, hook n2-4.

This simple dead minnow rig consists of a hook with an eye, very long shank and one 1-10 g heavy lead, depending on the fishing conditions. Baiting is performed in the following manner: the hook tip is pulled through the fish mouth and comes out as close as possible to the caudal fin.

Minnow behaviour during fishing action depends largely on the lead position. If you install it close to the bait, it will move on the vertical plane. Such a rig is perfect for great depths. On the contrary, if it is 40 to 50 cm away from the bait, the minnow will move on the horizontal plane, which is indispensable in shallow waters.

Regarding fishing action, the goal is to imitate a wounded or a dying fish which has no power to resist the water current. Cast the minnow out upstream, and then let it be carried by the current downstream. From time to time, a few light movements will enable it to remain on the river bottom, and then again leave it to the current.

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One of numerous advantages of this rig is its extreme lightness. It does not give away the trap. It is therefore necessary to, as soon as the bite is established, open up the roll lid and release the line for a second or two, in order that the trout does not feel any sort of resistance. Only then can you practice the contra action!


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