Carp are increasingly suspicious towards the classical boilies and widely used seeds. This is not a case with hemp which has retained its eternal attractiveness…

This bait is easy to set up with the help of a needle, on a hair which is attached to the hook in the last moment before the rig is cast.

It is well known that carp in search of food always travel the same path and visit the same locations, especially those at which anglers fish, attempting to attract coarse fish. In those zones, hemp is always present in the shape of seeds, food, fried or not, and the carp therefore gladly consume it.

In order to take advantage of this, it is necessary to construct baits based on small hemp seeds. Do this in the following manner:
Envelop a neutral boilie of a 16 mm diameter, swimming or sinking, with a “Bogey” type fixator (Kryston), and then hemp seeds. This non-toxic, scent and taste free very sticky gel, allows seeds stick easily.
It is best to use a special hemp for baiting, so called “giant hemp”. The seeds should not be overcooked, and have to be perfectly dry before use.

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With this bait type, it is desirable to use sticky, already made ground bait, intended for large cyprinidae, and to add a few fistfuls of previously cooked hemp. It is recommended to soak the mixture with the water in which hemp was cooked, so as to increase its scent.


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