With this technique the choice of a float plays a crucial role because the waggler shape and size determines its use in special fishing conditions!

It is always best to fish with a somehwat heavier waggler than needed, so as to reach the groundbaiting zone without difficulty.

Although there is currently on the market very large numbers of wagglers, it is possible to sort them into two basic groups: straight wagglers and waggler floats with a body.
Straight wagglers are indispensable for fishing near the shore and when they are short, for fishing in strong wind. The more tumultuous the water is, the longer the wagglers have be, to allow the monofilamnet line to sink deeper and therefore avoid the influence of the river current and the wind.

Wagglers with a body are used exclusively for fishing at large distances where the comfort of casting is of exceptional importance. In calm waters we suggest you use a delicate antenna, while thicker ones are more suitable for the rivers, with a reserve of floatability.

Hollow antennas have often proved to be very useful because they enlarge the visibility of the float at great distances, all the while keeping its sensitivity.
It is desirable to use a model with a replacable antenna, whenever the lighting is changing, such as if there are passing clouds, or at sunset.

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In deep fishing locations, when you have to fish with a sliding float, models with the body and an installed adjustable weight, enable to reduce the float’s weight, with adding the same weight onto the rig and therefore achieving a perfect balance between the float carrying capacity and the rig weight.


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