It is true that when fishing for walleye you end up catching pike or vice versa, but such cases remain rather rare. It is better to decide beforehand which fish to catch, walleye or pike!

For pike, you can use large 12-15 cm long lures. For walleye smaller ones, from 8-10 cm are more suitable.

Most lure anglers do not make a distinction between walleye or pike and catch them almost in the same way. Besides the fact that both are predator fish, they have nothing else in common. Firstly, they do not share the same habitats. Pike occupy some cluttered places where it can perfectly camouflaged and defends it with its life. Walleye, on the the other hand, has no permanent habitat, but is always moving.
Even their menus are different. Pike is mostly attracted to large prey, while walleye are more interested in small prey.

When it comes to lure swimming action, you have to pay attention to, and realize, different actions. If you are fishing pike , it is necessary to throughly investigate each interesting location. The lure has to move slowly, in the upper water levels or in the vicinity of the surface.
If you are fishing walleye, your chances of a catch increase if you search larger water surface areas. The lure has to remain exclusively near the bottom, and its movements have to be unforeseeable, chaotic, like a wounded or sick little fish.

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Walleye are very sensitive to scents and they will sometimes refuse the lure because of the unpleasent plastic or metal scent. You should therefore make sure to sprinkle it with some attractant, a special kind of scent, fish or crab, to instigate an attack. Pike can be so aggressive that they sometimes miss their prey. If you want pike to attack with more precision, add a tuft or red wool, called


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