The art of additional feeding consists of casting always the same groundbait mixture, with the same, steady rhythm and in the same location!

This subtle way of groundbaiting has proven to be indespensible, especially for cautious fish such as chub, grayling, smaller trout and especially roach!

With this kind of groundbaiting, it is most important to find and keep the right rhythm. Regarding the amount, the bait amount always has to be less than the estimated amount of fish in the fishing location. Feeding competition among the fish urges them to feed quickly, which guarantees frequent and hard bites. In other words, it is desirable to add food in small amounts, but frequently!

If the rig breaks, the line tangles or anything else happens, you can never stop the groundbaiting. It has to become a reflex. The amount is minimal, five or six lures on the river at every casting, and in smaller calm waters approximately two times a minute.

Concerning the precision, it will only be perfected by regular practice. At first bite, the rhythm of additional feeding has to remain the same. However, the number of lures will grow as the number of fish grows. The more fish, the more the lures!

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It is good to sometimes in calm waters such as fisheries, canals or dead ponds, to make the worms sink as slow as possible to the bottom. In that case it is not necessary to degrease them. In rivers, however, it is necessary that they sink fast, in which case they always need to be degreased with a handful of corn flower.


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