Some anglers have perfected their research skills of finding impossible fishing locations, out of reach to others, because they are very narrow!

Many resisting trout get lost in the obstacles because tackle breaks or a fish unhooks. Sometimes, in order to catch them, you have to get in the water, rather than trying to forcefully take them out.

When they risk wisely, some anglers regularly succeed in catching great trout. It depends on the waters in which they fish, so the trout in small rivers, creeks and rapids barely exceed 35 cm, while in large rivers they often exceed 60 cm.
Typical fishing locations for large trout which attract a lot of anglers are always crowded, even those close to steep banks, which limits access to the river, and if it is in the middle of the water, it is most often a pile of branches and roots which serves as a shelter for largest fish of that zone.

Regarding the tackle, the rod is strong, with the inner line, 4-4,50 m length. Roll with the lid and a lever is best suited to protect the line from the branches. Monofilament line of 0,22 to 0,24 mm diameter is stiff and not very elastic, Asso or Stren type. Such procedures are a real challenge intended only for those anglers who perfectly know all aspects of sport trout fishing. It is also necessary to use caution, precision, perfect reflex control and a small amount of love for risk taking.

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For such large trout the ideal technique is a dead minnow on a rig, in any season and kind of water. A freshly killed minnow is set up on the helmet rig, heavy enough to be retrived on spot, in the vertical plan, which is a necessary action for such crowded fishing locations.


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